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Globe R4H in Pictures

March 28, 2011

I promise to stay true to the title of this post and not write more than 50 words .   After all, I don’t want to flood this article with my ranting.  Note:  if the images appear to have a greenish hue, it’s because of envy. 

Moments before gunstart of the 15k


10k runners getting ready

Runners doing some last-minute stretching

Off they go!

Official timekeeper

Seeing red at the crack of dawn

RunRio Photo Team

5k top finisher

5k 2nd placer

5k 3rd placer, a regular at Marikina Sports Center

Darwin Lim, 2nd place in the 10k

Top finisher in the 15k event

1st place in the 5k women's division. Sub-20 baby!

The amazing Michelle de Vera

Wifey en route to a 1:28:27 finish in the 15k

Wifey with my partner, Atty. Peach Ledesma, and her hubby MIke

As you can see, I had a grand time taking photos and watching from the sidelines.  Not!


Celebrating Running

July 25, 2010

It has been almost two months since my last post. Well, the reason for my prolonged silence is simple – there was simply nothing to write about as far as my running was concerned.

As mentioned in my last article, I was supposed to embark on an 8-week training program for the 10k Runfest. Well, for various reasons (foremost among which was tamaritis), I simply couldn’t get myself to stay the course. I ran well below my prescribed weekly mileage, missed quality and speed workouts and, worst of all, went on regular drinking binges – a perfect recipe for disaster. As a matter of fact, instead of transforming myself into a lean, mean running machine, I gained at least 7 lbs during the 8-week training program.

The lack of training and additional weight (which was probably a function of the lack of training) really took its toll on my running. Just last Thursday, I decided to test myself by doing a tempo run out on the track. It was supposed to be a 6k tempo run at 5mpk, sandwiched by 2km of warm-up and cool-down jogs. In my first kilometer, I tried to keep up with this guy who seemed to be doing his own quality workout. Apparently, he was doing intervals as I found out 800 meters later. Alas, I clocked in at 4:32 for my first kilometer. To make the long story short, that fast start ruined my programmed tempo run. I was able to run only 4.2km at 19:51, well short of the target 6km for the night. Not a good sign considering that the Runfest was just two days away.

To compound my training woes, I spent my Friday night at a bistro in Fort Bonifacio, chugging all night long on Chilean Cabernet. The next morning, with only a few hours of sleep, I trooped to NEGA for my 10:00 a.m. basketball game.

Strong drive to the basket.

When I got home, I took my kids to their piano lessons and treated them (or, rather, Citibank did) to a movie at Eastwood. By the time the movie finished at 8 p.m., I had such a nasty headache (most likely due to all the red grapes I consumed the previous night) that I was seriously considering not running the Runfest. As I was not in a racing mood, I just offered to pace my wife for her first-ever sub-1 hour 10k. She declined and just told me to run at my own pace and treat the race as a Sunday long run. Sage advice, but I wasn’t too convinced. I told myself that everything would depend on how I felt Sunday morning.

When I woke up at 4:40 a.m. this morning, I was glad to see that my headache was all gone. Thus, I decided to push myself and run hard; not gun for a PR (which was totally out of the question considering my current fitness level), but run hard nonetheless. All in the spirit of celebrating running.

I got to the venue with only a few minutes to spare so I wasn’t able to warm-up. In fact, I was only able to do a little stretching after I entered the corral. With my bib numer duly marked, I tried to relax by jogging in place. My plan was to run at 5:00 mpk and see how long I could hold it.

The weather was perfect and the atmosphere festive. Right before the gun went off, I looked around me and saw plenty of familiar faces and personalities, mostly from the blogging community. Being the shy person that I am, I couldn’t get myself to approach any of them and introduce myself. Maybe next time.

When the race finally started, I kept looking at my watch to make sure that I was running at the desired pace. No matter how hard I tried to slow down, I hit the 1km mark in 4:29, way faster than my target pace. Perhaps, my subconsious was telling me to keep up with the throng of runners who started the race like they were running a 5k. Sure enough, most of these runners faded away after a few kilometers. But the damage had been done. I ran my first kilometer too fast and I knew it would cost me later on.

Surprisingly, I was still on-pace up until the 8km mark. From there, however, things went south pretty fast. I looked at my watch and saw that I was already running at E-pace. If only I could transcribe my thoughts at that point, it would look like a laundry list of excuses for not finishing the race. Quitting, however, was not an option for me. I reminded myself that I was supposed to celebrate running, and not dishonor it. So I took it one step at a time and just willed myself to cross the finish line.

If my GPS device correctly measured my run, I had my 10km time at 50:29. My finish time, however, was 51:46, which, according to my watch, was for a total distance of 10.284 km. Not bad, all things considered.

As I was waiting for wifey to finish her run, I saw a group of runners who looked familiar. I recognized them to be the regulars at the Marikina Sports Center, where I normally do my track workouts. I approached them and introduced myself. They were quite a friendly bunch and I was wondering why I waited more than a year to make their acquaintance. As we were chatting, wifey came through the metal railings reserved for the 10k runners and a quick glance at the official time confirmed that she set a new 10k PR. I saw her pass through the checkpoint area at the 1:00:46 mark so she must have finished her race about 10 seconds before that. She had her time at 1:00:33, which would easily translate to a sub-1 hour 10k if my GPS device got the distance right.

Gaining new running friends, achieving a better-than-expected result, a PR for wifey and a very well-organized event made today a very fine day to celebrate running. Kudos to the peeps and the countless volunteers for making the Runfest a huge success.