This Is It!

OK, fine.  I didn’t sign-up on the first day of the onsite registration.  Was too busy yesterday, even for a short sidetrip to Greenbelt 3.  But I was able to register today, and that’s what matters.   Got my race pack too.  Woot!

Completing the registration process was such a breeze;  easy as one, two, three, LITERALLY.  Step One:  go to any of the four computer terminals to enter your personal details.  Step Two:  pay at the cashier.  Step Three:  claim your race pack and other freebies and you’re good to go!   If I could only breeze through my HM as well.   🙂

Now the hard part begins.   Four weeks to get myself into tip-top, sub-1:45 shape.  Hope my left knee holds up.  See you at the starting line.


12 Responses to “This Is It!”

  1. nikejunkie Says:

    Good luck, agi! 🙂

  2. Peach Says:

    Go go go! 🙂 May 15 K ba? I might register, depending on how I fare this Sunday.

    • Running Consiglieri Says:

      Yup, there’s a 15k. Ana signed up for it. There’s a 15 minute gap in the gunstart of the 21k and the 15k so I told her that it would make for an interesting race for us – a 1:30 for her 15k and a 1:45 for my 21k. Unahan kami sa finishline. Hehe.

  3. Julius Says:

    Wow, early bird! 😀 I was also about to register on-line yesterday, but I realized that R4H will just be a few days away from Mayon 360. Hassle! Now I’m the one with a dilemma! If I don’t run this one, I can meet up with you and Peach for breakfast, if you guys are still up for it. Let’s play it by ear.

    All the best on your training, buddy. I can sense that a new PB is in the offing. 🙂

    • Running Consiglieri Says:

      Hey, if not at the R4H, I’m sure there will be other breakfast opportunities. What’s the Mayon 360? Sounds scary, kinda like the BDM 102. Good luck on your BDM. Have a good and safe run man!

      • Julius Says:

        Thanks, man. Mayon 360 is a 50-mile (80k) ultra run around the base of Mayon Volcano. Seriously thinking of giving it a shot – if I finish BDM in one piece and wife doesn’t protest hehe. If that doesn’t work, I will most likely see you guys at R4H.

  4. Con-Con Says:

    lc, hope your training goes well. go for the sub-1:45 🙂

  5. prauthner Says:

    Train and race smart! I have a half in 5 weeks, too!

    • Running Consiglieri Says:

      Good luck on your HM kuya. What’s your target? Sub 1:40? Thanks for the advice. I’m just going by feel now. Last week I felt really tired despite logging only in the low 40’s. I think the reason lies in the fact that I ran 5 times as opposed to the 4 that I am accustomed to. I’ll try 5 again this week and see how it goes.

      • prauthner Says:

        A sub-1:40 would be nice, but I’m only building up my aerobic base right now. It’s going to be at ND and if Katrina wants to run it with me, I’ll just add a few more miles to make it an easy long run. I’ll challenge your sub-1:45 with my sub-1:40 later in the year. Hope that gets the adrenaline going! 🙂

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