I Need My Half-Marathon Fix

On Valentine’s Day, I received some rather disappointing news from my partner Peach Ledesma – that the registration for the Run United 21k was already closed.  A quick visit to Coach Rio’s website confirmed this.  Apparently, the 21k of Run United sold like hotcakes, thereby forcing the organizers to close the registration as early as the Friday before, February 11.  

I was kicking myself for not signing up early.   If you are one of the four dedicated followers of this blog, you’d know why. For months, I had been anxiously waiting to exorcise my 21k demons and I thought that my long wait would finally come to an end at Run United.  I got so excited by the prospect that I even joined the Condura 16k to simulate my half-marathon race pace for Run United.  Not only that.  I ate, slept and breathed Run United such that I was beginning to look like Coach Rio.

I swear, kumapal ang buhok ko! LOL

Nuff said.  You can imagine how disappointed I was.  Training for a race is difficult enough.  But running purely for running’s sake is even more difficult.  It can be such a chore.  In fact, as of this writing, my mileage for the week is only 13.9 km.  My beer consumption this week may be more than that.

However, it seems that I won’t be slacking off for long.  This morning, just after having a leisurely breakfast and taking a strong mug of coffee to nurse my hangover, I browsed my friend Edwin Soriano’s Runners’ Runner website and, to my delight, found out that the Globe Run for Home 2011 will be held on 27 March 2011 and, more importantly, it will feature a half-marathon. 

*Image taken from Globe Run for Home 2011 Facebook page.

I haven’t joined the past editions of the Globe Run, but I heard that it’s a pretty good race.   Registration will start on 21 February 2011 and I’ll be damned if I miss this one as well. 

Training starts now.


9 Responses to “I Need My Half-Marathon Fix”

  1. nikejunkie Says:

    I prefer “I can feel it!” Hehe… Anyway, I don’t understand how you can’t run for running’s sake and yet sign up for a distance that makes me want to take the car instead. 😉

    • Running Consiglieri Says:

      Haha, that caption on the photo dates me, huh? Your comment as well. 🙂 Alice Dixson! Still looking forward to that 10k classic. 🙂

      • nikejunkie Says:

        It does, and that’s an era buried in the deep past. But being young is not without its disadvantages–I only had 10 pesos in my pocket. Hehehe…:-)

        Looking forward din ako sa sibling challenge. Anytime. Anywhere. 🙂

  2. prauthner Says:

    I need my carrots, too, sometimes. You can schedule and space out your races to keep you running practically year-round, with occasional rest breaks, especially after a 21 or 42K.

  3. Julius Says:

    Globe will most likely be my next race after BDM. So, how about that post-race breakfast? Peach’s treat hahaha 😀 Nail that sub-1:45 and put the demons to rest. Good luck!

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