Globe R4H in Pictures

I promise to stay true to the title of this post and not write more than 50 words .   After all, I don’t want to flood this article with my ranting.  Note:  if the images appear to have a greenish hue, it’s because of envy. 

Moments before gunstart of the 15k


10k runners getting ready

Runners doing some last-minute stretching

Off they go!

Official timekeeper

Seeing red at the crack of dawn

RunRio Photo Team

5k top finisher

5k 2nd placer

5k 3rd placer, a regular at Marikina Sports Center

Darwin Lim, 2nd place in the 10k

Top finisher in the 15k event

1st place in the 5k women's division. Sub-20 baby!

The amazing Michelle de Vera

Wifey en route to a 1:28:27 finish in the 15k

Wifey with my partner, Atty. Peach Ledesma, and her hubby MIke

As you can see, I had a grand time taking photos and watching from the sidelines.  Not!


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10 Responses to “Globe R4H in Pictures”

  1. prauthner Says:

    Good job, Ana! Hope the Running Consiglieri draws inspiration from this no-show to train smarter. I wish you the best in your recovery. Come back stronger for our 3-way race. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  2. Nikejunkie Says:

    Oo naman. Bitin kung walang 3rd place. 🙂

  3. Ninoy Says:

    “Wifey en route to a 1:28:27 finish in the 15k”…Walang hiya ang lakas ni Ana! Take it easy Mel, mas matagal recovery period natin sa mga panahon na to hehe

    • Running Consiglieri Says:

      Lakas talaga. Had we raced to the finish line (with the 15-min delay in the gunstart between the 15k and 21k) sigurado talo ako. Re injury, I’ll try to run an easy 5k this weekend. It will be two weeks na rin eh. Sana ok na.

  4. juliuscervantes Says:

    Wow, runner na talaga si Peach! 🙂 Looks like you had a field day there, seriously. As the cliche goes – “If you can’t beat them, take their pictures.” 🙂

    Hope the ITB’s better, bud!

    • Running Consiglieri Says:

      You’re right, Julius. Runner na talaga si Peach. Watching from the sidelines can also get the blood flowing. I was so stoked watching all those strong runners cross the finish line. Short term goal – must be able to run pain-free as soon as possible. Medium term goal – beat that amazing kid, Michelle de Vera. Long-term goal – sub-20 5k. Libre naman mangarap.m Hehe.

  5. Peach Says:

    Rommel, thanks for the pictures! 🙂 Rommel and Julius, kailan na ang breakfast na yan??

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