With all these running injuries cropping up one after the other (see And Now, Shin Splints, My Past Two Weeks in Review and The Good News), I have finally decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from running.  To keep myself in shape and be able to hit the road running (literally) once I’ve been cleared to run again, I decided to do some cross-training, consisting of swimming during weekdays and biking on weekends.  I had the swimming part all figured out as there’s a junior olympic-size swimming pool near the office.  The biking part was more of a problem because, uhm, err, I don’t own one.  

While at the office yesterday, I was so consumed by the idea of hitting the bike trails this weekend that I thought of going to the nearest bike shop to get my new ride.  Talk about low EQ, huh?  I suddenly remembered that there was this bike shop in Bonifacio High Street that recently went on sale.   They were selling their Orbeas within the Php20k price range, which, according to my bike enthusiast buddy Jun, was a steal.   So I looked up the shop’s phone number to inquire about the available units.  Here’s how it went:

                    Consiglieri:    Hi, are your Orbea MTBs still on sale?
                     Bike Guy:  Sorry sir, hindi na po.

At this point, I was a bit disappointed but since I couldn’t wait to take home my ride, I pressed on:

                     Consigleri:  Oh ok.  I’d like to get an entry-level Orbea MTB. 
                    Bike Guy:  What’s your height sir?
                    Consiglieri: 5’9 and 1/2 ( I never forget to mention the 1/2)
                    Bike Guy:   Sorry sir, we don’t have one in your size.

At this point, I’m really disappointed but the compulsive shopper in me prevailed, and so I go:

                   Consiglieri:  Oh OK.  How about your mid-priced Orbeas?
                    Bike Guy:  Yes sir, we have one in your size.
                   Consiglieri:  Great!  How much?
                    Bike Guy:  One hundred…..

Suffice it to say that he lost me at one hundred and the only decent thing to do at that point was to end the conversation and not waste much more of Bike Guy’s time.  No way was I shelling out more than a hundred grand for my first bike.  

So, my next call was to the house and, recognizing the voice of my maid at the other end of the line, I go:  “Day, ilabas mo nga sa bodega yung lumang  stationary bike ni Daddy.  Paki punasan nang mabuti ha?”


3 Responses to “Cost-Training”

  1. Prauthner Says:

    Yo bro, that one left Jean and me in stitches! I’d gladly let you have my Giant but shipping it there would probably cost more than the bike itself. Hope your cross-training goes well and that you’ll be back running soon.

    • Consiglieri Says:

      Hey Kuya, Dad’s old stationary bike actually gave me a good workout last night. I wasn’t able to last 25 minutes, although it was due to muscular fatigue more than anything as my average heartrate was only in the 130’s. I was supposed to go swimming tonight but I forgot my gear. Darn. Maybe tri-sport is in the offing? Hahaha.

    • Consiglieri Says:

      By the way, ano yung Giant mo? I’m thinking of getting one as well. XTC or Yukon.

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