It’s Nice to Be Back

As intimated in My Past Two Weeks in Review, I have shelved my plans of running the 21k event of the RunRio Nature Valley Run scheduled on 30 May 2010.   I already conjured an 11-week program (courtesy of Runners’ World Smart Coach) that would have me finishing the 21k in 1:42:43 (quite a feat for a first timer at this distance, although I would have been ecstatic with a sub 1:45).  Unfortunately, my training plan got derailed by a spate of injuries and other activities that simply made it impossible for me to stick to my training plan.  I was prepared to scale down on my training (and my expectations for that matter LOL) but, again, my hectic schedule got in the way.  With only 8 weeks to go before the big race, I couldn’t even manage to log more than 16km a week.  Worse, I realized that there was a drastic decline in my fitness as I was registering tempo or I-pace heart rate levels even for my short, E-Pace runs.   Not good and, in fact, scary considering that just recently, there was a young lawyer who suffered a heart attack while playing football.  I have no intention of making my kids orphans at such a young age so I abandoned my training plan altogether.

With no training plan to adhere to, I soon found myself slacking off more.  I was beginning to think that I was lacking in motivation and that my love affair with running has come to an abrupt end.  But just when I thought that I had given up on racing, I woke up late one Saturday morning itching for a run.  It was past noon already and it was scorching hot outside.  Common sense dictated that I just stayed indoors.  Yet, I trooped to the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center for an easy 5k ran at 27:24.  That run proved to be a turning point of sorts for me.  The following day, I went for an easy 7k run at my favorite route.  I clocked in at  38:22, or an average pace of 5:29 mpk.  To my surprise, there was a significant improvement in my average heart rate from my 5k run at the same route just four days prior, which I ran at a slower pace of 5:34mpk. It seems that things are looking up in terms of my motivation and fitness.

It’s nice to be back!


3 Responses to “It’s Nice to Be Back”

  1. Reverend Says:

    Hope you’ll “always be a runner.” Haha..

  2. prauthner Says:

    The key is to enjoy the run itself. Granted, there will be days (and workouts) you can’t wait to get over with but that’s all part of the process of your growth as a runner. If running becomes an almost indispensable part of my life, that, for me, ensures my continued growth as a runner—slower race times notwithstanding.

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