The Good News

No, I am not about to reflect on last Sunday’s Gospel, although that’s not such a bad idea considering that it’s Lent. Something’s been bugging me the past few weeks (no, it’s not my conscience) and today, I finally decided to confront my fears and do something about it. I paid my doctor a visit or, rather, my wife forced me to.

About three weeks ago, I noticed some swelling in the inner part of my right ankle.  Well, to be more accurate, I did not notice the swelling until I tried and failed to stand on my right leg as I got up from bed one Monday morning.  I tried walking it off and sure enough, I was still able to go to work that day, albeit with a noticeable limp.

I absolutely had no clue as to what caused the swelling.  The day before, I ran an easy 11.03 km at the UP Academic Oval – nothing out of the ordinary, just one of those easy runs that I normally do on Sundays.  Except, perhaps for one minor detail.  This was the first time I used my Newton Motus for a long, easy run. 

Since I could still walk, I didn’t think much of it.  I just iced my ankle and got an extra day’s rest from running.  I ran the following Wednesday at the track.  Refusing to lose faith in my latest running acquisition (heck, I was not about to toss out a $175 pair of running shoes), I again used my Newtons.  It was supposed to be an easy 10k but I ended up running it in 52:45, with an average pace of 5:16 mpk.  This was definitely faster than my easy pace, which should range from 5:25 to 5:40 mpk.  My right ankle was a little sore the following day, but nothing like the pain I felt a few days earlier.  I was convinced that my ankle was on the road to recovery and I thanked the heavens that my Newtons was not the culprit. To my mind, it was just a simple case of a sprained ankle, specifically a strained deltoid ligament.
Feeling confident about my ankle and my running shoes, I hit the asphalt roads of Salcedo Village the following Friday and ran an easy 7.85 km in my Newtons.  But alas, my ankle acted up again.  The scientist in me (yes, I am also a scientist trapped in an athlete’s body LOL) analyzed the situation and this was what I came up with: Newtons + hard surface = sore ankle.  I swore never to use my Newtons on concrete or asphalt roads (except maybe for races, hehe). 

I thought I had my ankle issues all figured out.  My subsequent runs, however, proved me wrong.  My injury would  flare up every time I ran – regardless of the shoes I was wearing or the surface I was running on.  Worse, I noticed that a bump that looked like a bone spur was beginning to form in the area where there was swelling.  Did I dislocate a bone?  Did I have tendinitis or a stress fracture?  Will I need surgery?  All these questions raced through my mind as my short running career flashed before me.    

With much prodding from my wife (she would not allow me to run until I had my ankle checked), I got in touch with a former grade school classmate who is now a doctor specializing in sports medicine.  As with my approach to cases that I litigate (Not!), I made sure that I came well-prepared.  First, I did some research to have a better understanding of my injury.  Second, I made sure that I wore a fresh pair of socks on the day of the consult.  

After a brief examination that was dominated by an unabashed display of medical know-how on the injury (mostly from my end LOL) accompanied by gentle foot-holding as former grade school classmates are wont to do, came the verdict:


All I need, according to the good doctor, is a new pair of running shoes.  Anyone out there in the market for slightly-used, personal record-setting Newtons?  🙂

"It features Newton's Action/Reaction Technology™ in the forefoot and an advanced rearfoot design aimed at maximizing forward propulsion and optimal running form."


14 Responses to “The Good News”

  1. Reverend Says:

    I’ll use mine when I go to the grocery. Haha..

    Honestly, I also thought of getting the black pair. Buti nalang nakapagtimpi ako.

  2. Reverend Says:

    Back to RFS? Hehe…

    • consiglierirunning Says:

      Nope, I think it’s the thin heelpad in the Newtons that’s making me overextend my deltoid ligament. I’ll still FFS/MFS, but with a regular pair of running shoes. Time to try out the Kayano. 🙂

  3. prauthner Says:

    The Kayanos should serve you well re overpronation (or overextension of your deltoid). Note though that the Kayano’s heel is a lot bulkier so even if you’re FFS/MFSing, the shoe’s heel will strike the ground earlier than your Newton’s heel would. Rest up, consig!

  4. Reverend Says:

    Agree with Quincy, M.D. 🙂

  5. jmdaclan Says:

    Kay Jojo ka ba nagpatingin?

    • Consiglieri Says:

      Hey Jom, yup kay Jojo. He has a clinic at St. Luke’s in Fort.

      • jmdaclan Says:

        Yeah, I know. He removed the cast on my son’s arm a few months ago. Balak kong ipatingin sa kanya dati yung tuhod ko. But I’ve been putting it off because my knee’s condition seems to be improving.

  6. Ninoy Says:

    Hey Mel, naka Newton ka pala? Switch to another brand. I spoke with a person that does ultra marathons and is the business of selling gear, dami na daw na injure sa pag gamit nung shoes (dami na din daw nag benta and nag soli hehe) Pag mid or heel striker ka there’s s high risk of injury since it was designed forefoot running. Anyway, hope you recover well 🙂 konting pahinga lang yan!

    • Consiglieri Says:

      Hey Ninoy, yup I got a pair of Newtons pero tagal ko na di ginamit because I suspect that it’s the cause of my ankle (deltoid ligament) injury. Yun ng alang tigas ulo because I used my Newtons last Saturday. I ran yesterday using a different pair pero when I woke up this morning my ankle was a bit stiff na naman.

      I agree with you that I should stop using it. Pwede pala isauli? Hehe.

  7. And Now, Shin Splints « Lawyer on the Run Says:

    […] Grrr. I contemplated my latest running setback as  I walked slowly back home.  First, my deltoid ligament injury, then my knee problems.  Now this, barely two months away from the Takbo.Ph Runfest. When it […]

  8. Jamar Estey Says:

    you can always trust those high tech running shoes developed by adidas or nike, they are expensive but they are very good ~**

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