All in a Day’s Work (Part 2)

It was past noon when I got back to my office from my meeting with Dean.  After checking my Outlook inbox for new emails, I proceeded to our office lounge at the second floor of our building to have lunch.  The current caterer is actually our third in two months.   Our former caterer’s contract just expired and the office was on the lookout for a caterer who could serve lunch for about 180 people with a budget of only P85.00 per head.  

I used to think that a budget of P85.00 was more than enough to satisfy one’s gastric needs.  However, I’m beginning to think otherwise.  All three caterers who have tried out so far must think that their customers are birds, or simply find it impossible to work with a budget of P85.00.  The latter explanation seems more logical, as I learned earlier that week that the going rate for office lunches starts at P105.00.  Looking at the kaldereta that the server put on my tray, I began to daydream about the extra piece of meat that extra P20.00 could have gotten me.  My puppydog eyes-plea for more food did not get as much as an extra potato and I knew right there and then that today was not going to be any different – I would have to spend another P200.00 for merienda that afternoon just to silence my hunger pangs.  

Back in college, I remember that for only P50.00,  I could have a hearty lunch consisting of two sticks of barbecue (back in the day, they used real barbecue sticks and not the short fishball sticks that are the usual fare nowadays), a side dish of two tomatoes and a salted egg, three cups of rice and a softdrink.  Those of you born in the 80’s must be thinking that I’m kidding.  It’s true, I kid you not.  AND I’M NOT THAT OLD EITHER.  (Note to my fellow Maroons: how much does a stick of barbecue at Beach House cost nowadays?)

After lunch, I downed a capsule of glucosamine sulfate with the help of a quick gulp of the freshly brewed coffee that I just got from the pantry.   I take the pill thrice daily to strengthen my joints, in the hopes of adding a few thousand kilometers to their lifespan.  AGAIN, I’M NOT THAT OLD, OK?

As I got ready to work, I noticed that a copy of the Decision in a criminal case an associate told me about earlier (see Part 1) was already on my desk.  The Decision was quite lengthy, but the meat of the decision was in but a few lines in a very obscure paragraph.  According to the judge, the prosecution was not able to prove an essential element of the offfense, i.e. paternity, since no DNA test was conducted.  This, after the putative father already acknowledged paternity of the minor child in the latter’s birth certificate and in another public document where an agreement for the child’s support was threshed out.  Remind me to give the judge a copy of the Civil Code for Christmas;  she might have tossed her own copy in favor of DVDs of Boston Legal.  Sadly, the principle of double jeopardy prevents the prosecution from appealing the acquittal.  However, there are other extraordinary remedies available, both against the Decision and the Decision-maker.

After reviewing a few pleadings and emails, I began to ponder about what an officemate told me a few days back – that it was so easy to start a blog and that one need not pay anything for it.  I had been toying with the idea of starting a running blog for quite sometime so I went to to check it out.  To my surprise, setting up a blog was a cinch, even for a relative beginner in all things relating to the internet.  In no time at all, I was able to post two articles, At Long Last! and How It All Started. I was officially a blogger.

Everything else that happened later that day was a blur. The excitement that filled me with the birth of Lawyer on the Run was simply overwhelming. I capped off my fine day with an easy 6km run along my favorite route, with thoughts of the next posts accompanying my each and every step.


5 Responses to “All in a Day’s Work (Part 2)”

  1. Reverend Says:

    How’s the heel?

  2. consiglierirunning Says:

    It’s not the heel brah. It’s my ankle. I didn’t do my long run today as you advised. I’ll see a sports medicine doctor tomorrow. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. I missed an entire week of training as it is.

  3. JCDC Says:

    Muntik akong naiyak sa food situation mo. Please bring food from home!

  4. Reverend Says:

    You’ll have to visit in the winter, as there is no baking in the summer months. “)

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