How it all started

So how did I get into lawyering and running?  I would like to think that my decision to become a member of the bar and to finally take up running could be attributed to, in my eyes, the single, most influential person on earth – my dad. Yup, you guessed it right.  My dad is also a lawyer and a runner.  It was almost natural for me to follow in my dad’s footsteps as a lawyer.  When I entered college, I only had two choices: law or medicine.  I figured that if I were to take up medicine, chances are, I would have to practice abroad to make a decent living.  Not wanting to leave this beautiful country of ours, I decided to take up law. 

In stark contrast, the start of my journey into the world of running was more of by happenstance.  In fact, to this day, I still wonder why I did not take up running much earlier.  Aside from my dad, my two brothers are hardcore runners. Our eldest, who is a doctor practising in Michigan, has 9 marathons (and soon, a Boston) under his belt.  My other brother, a commercial pilot working for a foreign airline whom I fondly call “brah,” is a middle-distance runner who used to compete in the UAAP.  His varsity jacket bears the letter “P” (a letter award which means ‘performance’) as a testament to his achievements on the track.  Having been born into a running family, one would figure that I would embrace the sport early on as well.  But no.  I dabbled in several other sports – football, basketball, bowling, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, golf –  just about any sport that makes use of a ball but, curiously, not running.   Like I said, my love affair with running began by accident.  But still, my dad had everything to do with it.  This photo, taken shortly before I took up running, will show you why.

With Consiglieri Sr. in Hong Kong Disney

Upon seeing the above photograph, I thought to myself, “Is my belly bigger than my dad’s???”  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, to me, that photograph screamed a thousand “FATBOYS.”  I took up running shortly thereafter.


2 Responses to “How it all started”

  1. Genna Polidario Says:

    okay, i think this article might be the tipping point for me – i’m already thinking of seriously taking up running =) thanks

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