At long last!

Yes, I am joining the bandwagon of running bloggers (or blogging runners) and have decided to start my own blog about two of my greatest passions in life (apart from my family of course): lawyering and running.  The former I do for a living and the latter,  well, just for the sheer joy of it.  This is not to say, however, that I do not derive any pleasure from practising my chosen profession.  I do, I really do.  Since most of my work as a lawyer consists of writing volumes upon volumes of pleadings, memoranda, opinions and other legal papers, I thought to myself, “why not write for fun as well?”  So here I am, a virtual greenhorn in all things related to cyberspace (except maybe facebook hehe), taking a shot at blogging.  Blogging?  I do not even know its etymology.  Remind me to consult Webster later.  What the heck, it surely can’t be that difficult right?  At any rate, I started this blog because I realized that there is just so much to talk about – ranging from anecdotes and useful tips to philosophical musings and insights about running and the law.    So there.  At least I was able to get myself started by setting up this blog.   Hope you guys enjoy.


10 Responses to “At long last!”

  1. kap10 Says:


    A whiff of fresh air. More power!

  2. Lightfoot Says:

    Good luck!

  3. consiglierirunning Says:

    Thanks kap10! See you soon at the races or wherever! 🙂

  4. consiglierirunning Says:

    Thanks Lightfoot!

  5. prauthner Says:

    Way 2 go!

  6. Teeny Oldie Says:

    Thanks for the very flaterring reference to me. But monitor the workings of your heart, through your cardiologist and, yes, take care of your knees. Also, find time for bowling and golf, your first and second passions, respectively, if they don’t conflict with your heavy office workload and family togetherness.

  7. Scientist Runner Says:

    Like you, I’m new to blogging so I added you to my blogroll in an attempt to maybe compare notes from time to time. Please feel free to add my site to yours to perhaps infuse some science to your lawyering:-)…btw i’ve read all john grisham novels so there’s another commonality…

    • Consiglieri Says:

      Hey Scientist Runner, thanks for dropping by. I graduated from a science high school so we may have quite a few more things in common apart from John Grisham. 🙂 Thanks for adding me up on your blogroll. I’ll add you up as well and will check on your site from time to time.

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